Standard Sleeper Cache, Part 1

The Forge Region – Onirvura Constellation
Obanen System

15 July YC 121

The first signature that I started scanning in Obanen, to my relief, did not immediately disappear, but neither did it yield to my analysis. I began with the usual 8-AU constellation of probes and worked all the way down to 1 AU but all I got from the scanner was an indication that it was some kind of a data site.

“Is it one of those ghost sites again?” I asked, frustrated.

“No, don’t think so,” replied Aura. “If it was a covert research facility you would have identified it by now. Keep scanning and I’ll see what I can find about it in GalNet.”

I reduced the constellation size to 0.5 AU – no result. There was only one standard size remaining – 0.25 AU. I willed the probes into the tightest formation a-a-and… Bingo! I’ve got the name – it was called Standard Sleeper Cache.

“And what the hell is Standard Sleeper Cache?” muttered I looking incredulously at the signature. The thing is, although I got the name, I was still far from getting the coordinates – the signal strength was barely over 80%. Continue reading “Standard Sleeper Cache, Part 1”

Disappearing Signatures

Jove Observatory
The Forge Region – Onirvura Constellation

15 July YC 121

On Monday we returned to Josameto, ready for new adventures. The probe scanner showed two signatures which I immediately started to analyse. To our surprise, the first signature disappeared from the radar before I could even identify it.

“Where did it go?” frowned Aura.

“Don’t know. All signatures disappear sooner or later, otherwise there would be a very long list of them in each system. I think we were just unlucky that it happened while we were scanning it. Let’s try another one.”

I focused my probes on the remaining signature and guess what… it disappeared too. Aura was furious. She said that she didn’t like that system as soon as we jumped into it yesterday, she blamed Nugoeihuvi for disappearing signatures, and she couldn’t decide what she wanted more – to warp to NOH information centre and blow it up or to leave this system immediately and never, never return to it. I carefully noted that although I totally supported her feelings toward treacherous NOH personnel, our Heron was not really equipped for structure bashing. That left only one option. Continue reading “Disappearing Signatures”

Nugoeihuvi Information Centre

Nugoeihuvi Information Centre
The Forge Region – Onirvura Constellation

14 July YC 121

Good people of NOH corporation fixed up my armour for mere 7,680 ISK. As I was authorising the payment, I thought that it would have been a significant sum to pay for curiosity during my baseliner days, but now it was just pocket money. The single Symmetry Decryptor that I extracted from Guristas Virus Test Site was enough to pay for three Heron hulls, to say nothing about its armour.

When the repairs were finished we headed to the next system in Onirvura Constellation – Otela. It was very populated and very busy. While I was scanning the skies, the number of pilots in the system fluctuated wildly, sometimes rising and falling by one or two hundred people within a minute. I guess those were organised fleets making their way to or from Jita which was just three jumps away.

The probes revealed that the only cosmic signature in the system was a gas site.

I looked at Aura and asked, “Do you want to visit this quiet place devoid of pirates but full of natural beauty? It probably has a romantic name too, something like Shiny Nebula.” Continue reading “Nugoeihuvi Information Centre”

Exploring Poinen

R943 Wormhole
The Forge Region – Onirvura Constellation
Poinen System

14 July YC 121

Although there was still a whole lot of stuff and ships remaining in Uitra, I decided against investing my time into moving it all to Poinen. If I needed something, I reasoned, I could always go there and bring another load to the new base. Besides, I was keen to start exploration in earnest and I had everything I needed, or so I thought.

“Where do we go today?” asked Aura when I boarded Haikarat.

“We don’t really need to go anywhere,” said I. “Let’s just kick this frigate out of the dock and start with exploring Poinen. Then we can visit the rest of Onirvura Constellation.”

“Sounds like a plan,” agreed Aura.

After we undocked I bookmarked a safe spot, warped there and launched the probes. The scanner showed four signatures which was more than I had seen in any other system so far. I rubbed my hands and started signature analysis. The first one that I managed to scan down was Sunspark Nebula Gas Site.

“What a beautiful name,” said Aura. “Let’s warp to it.” Continue reading “Exploring Poinen”

The Centre of The Forge Region

Nugoeihuvi Corporation Development Studio, Poinen IV - Moon 13
The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Uitra System – Planet VI, Moon 4
State War Academy Station

9 July YC 121

I was keen to continue exploration of The Forge region but I needed a new base. State War Academy Station in Uitra was okay but I was getting tired of student crowds. I had an idea what an ideal location would be but I needed Aura’s assistance.

“Aura, darling, what do you think about moving house?” said I calling her on my commlink.

“To be honest, I don’t think about moving house at all. Why do you?” replied Aura unhelpfully.

“Well, if I am to explore this region it would be advantageous to have a base in its centre. Can you please calculate its location?”

“I surely can, but I don’t understand how it is going to help. In all likelihood, it will be a very empty place.” Continue reading “The Centre of The Forge Region”

It Started with a Splash

The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Uitra System – Planet VI, Moon 4
State War Academy Station – The Abyss Bar

20 June YC 121

It was a busy time at The Abyss – the throng of thirsty students who waited for their drinks was four men deep, and bartenders were jumping crazily from tap to tap like monkeys during mating season. I was standing in a queue after another capsuleer; I recognised him by an interface slot on his exposed neck. When he finally made his way to the bar, with me in his tow, the bartender greeted him like an old friend and made small talk. I couldn’t hear them well because of the noise, but I caught a few words, like ‘decryptors’ and ‘bargain’. As you can imagine, having just looted a data site I was very much interested in any bargains that involved decryptors and moved closer to the bloke in front of me. Unfortunately, it coincided with the moment when the guy received his order and turned around with a drink in his hand. As I was literally breathing down his neck, he didn’t have enough space for manoeuvre and rammed his glass into my chest, splashing the drink all over my shirt. Continue reading “It Started with a Splash”

The Mystery of the Datacore

The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Uitra System – Planet VI, Moon 4
State War Academy Station

20 June YC 121

I was standing in Haikarat’s cargo hold and inspecting the loot I got from two data sites.

“So which ones are those famous Villard Wheels?” asked I.

Aura who looked through CCTV cameras replied, “It’s those cylindrical things on the top of the pile.”

Indeed, there were four wheel-like objects, about a metre in diameter, which were badly damaged.

I scowled and said sceptically, “Hmm, they look pretty battered. Why would anyone want them?” Continue reading “The Mystery of the Datacore”

Lesser Guristas Covert Research Facility

The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation

20 June YC 121

“So, can we go back to that Covert Research Facility now?” asked Aura.

“Er… I’d rather have a bit more practice before risking this blingy frigate,” said I apologetically.

“Come on! What can possibly go wrong? You’ll hack one can and we’ll warp out before the pirates can say ‘Mama’,” nagged me Aura.

“Okay, we’ll do it but let me first finish exploring the remaining systems in the constellation.”

Unfortunately for me, Sirseshin, Geras and Nomaa contained only signatures of wormholes and hidden Guristas bases. Still feeling jittery, I flew back to Shihuken.

“Hey, where are you going?” cried Aura as I approached Spacelane Patrol Logistics Support Station. “The Research Facility is the other way!” Continue reading “Lesser Guristas Covert Research Facility”

Stealing the Stolen

Communication Tower
The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Jita System – Planet IV, Moon 4
Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

20 June YC 121

“Why don’t we simply undock and explore Jita?” suggested Aura.

“No, with this kind of traffic there is nothing left to explore. Bare skies,” objected I.

“Then let’s go back to Uitra.”

“Nah, Uitra is no good either. All those eager Academy students keep scouring the space 24 by 7.”

Aura knitted her brow and then said, “Maybe not Uitra itself but Anttanen Constellation. Remember, when we were hunting asteroids, Uitra was swept clean but the belts in the neighbouring Unpas were barely touched. What if the same is true about cosmic signatures?”

“That may work,” agreed I. “Let’s go.” Continue reading “Stealing the Stolen”

Fitting Heron for Hi-Sec Exploration

Haikarat, Heron-class Exploration Frigate
The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Uitra System – Planet VI, Moon 4
State War Academy Station

20 June YC 121

Aura made a serious face and started, “Firstly, the low slots. Republic Fleet Nanofiber Structures provide best velocity and agility improvement…”

“Best?” interrupted I. “Domination Nanofiber Structures have the same characteristics but cost 3.5 million less.”

“Oh, we can buy Angels’ modules of course,” backed down Aura. “I just thought that you wouldn’t like to deal with pirates.”

I snorted, “Ha, so you thought I would rather buy equipment from an ally of Caldari’s arch-rival. Anyway, the price is beside the point. Why would I want agility and velocity to do exploration?”

“Well, imagine you get assaulted by a hostile ship while hacking a container. Higher agility will allow you to warp out before you get warp-scrambled.”

“Aura, it’s hi-sec! No one is going to risk their combat ship just to pop a rookie explorer. Leave your agility pitch until I am ready to go to low-sec.”

“But what do you want to put in the low slots then?” asked Aura. Continue reading “Fitting Heron for Hi-Sec Exploration”