Eating Pie with a Fork

The Forge Region – Ruomo Constellation
Itamo System – The mission location

You’ve gotta love CONCORD analysts – this time they called the mission Fortress in the Rocks. I would have much preferred if they offered me something on the rocks but we were not on drinking terms with them yet. Anyway, they took their time to decode the data that was provided to them after my very first mission. It led them to a patch in an asteroid belt where the scouts found another Seeker enclave attached to a piece of mined-out rock. Further investigation was hampered by the presence of perimeter defences – a couple of anchored missile batteries. My task was to take them out.

Fortress in the Rocks

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Junk in the Clouds

The Forge Region – Ruomo Constellation
Itamo System – The mission location

Next day after The Sleeping Menace mission I received another task from Annukka, with another silly name – Hidden in the Clouds. The data that was recovered from the previous site indicated that there was another enclave obscured from scanning by a cloud formation. My objective, as before, was to clear the site of seekers.

When I arrived to the site three Seekers, two Circadians and one Escort, were already waiting for me there. Destruction of the pesky bots felt pretty routine now, so I devoted only part of my brain to the task at hand. Another part was taking in the view which would have been spectacular if not for the thick gauze of gas which covered the area. No wonder that CONCORD could not scan it down before.

Hidden in the Clouds

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The Sleeping Menace

The Forge Region – Ruomo Constellation
Itamo System – The mission location

Having boarded my faithful Yatagarasu I undocked and warped to the mission location to see what kind of menace was sleeping there. Again there was an alien structure but this time I didn’t waste time on sightseeing. My overview showed three hostile ships and only one was my old acquaintance, Circadian Seeker. Two others were named Seeker Escort and Seeker Retainer. Just like the Circadian they weren’t predisposed to diplomacy. All three targeted me and started buffeting my shields with rockets. “Okay”, thought I, “if you only understand the language of war, you will find that I speak it better than you,” and targeted the first Seeker.

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Seeker Investigation Programme

Science and Trade Institute School Station

It was a morning after. After I had drinks with Gerhardt. Even my newly cloned body complained about the amount of ale I consumed. I was sitting in a cafe, drinking my second cup of coffee and trying to remember how to live. First thing I remembered was that I was supposed to feed myself regularly. I’d ordered proper breakfast, wolfed down bacon and eggs, and asked for another coffee. Having restored my faculty of memory, recollections of my conversation with Ger started popping up in my head. Eventually, my mind latched onto the recommendation to get a frigate. I took out a datapad and searched for Caldari frigates. Here is what I’d found. Continue reading “Seeker Investigation Programme”