Jita Fireworks NYE YC 121

The Forge Region – Kimotoro Constellation
Jita System – Planet IV, Moon 4
Caldari Navy Assembly Plant Station

31 December YC 120

On this New Year Eve I went to Jita trade hub to watch the fireworks. It was still midday EST, but the festivities had already started. I positioned Yatagarasu a few clicks away from the station undock point and watched in awe the explosions of colours and lights – I never thought that fireworks in space could be so spectacular. While I was gazing at the extravaganza I took more than a hundred photos which I wanted to share with you. After returning home I decided to publish only the best photographs here but then had hard time culling them – all of them looked so beautiful. In the end I only managed to get them down to twenty nine. Too hard, thought I, next year I’ll simply take a video.

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