Exploration Skills

The Forge Region – Anttanen Constellation
Uitra System – Planet VI, Moon 4
State War Academy Station

16 January YC 121

Standings after Exploration Course
Standings after Exploration Course

In my previous post I forgot to mention a curious change of my standings. Completion of the course seemed to be a big deal as I saw some major movements in my relationships with various factions. For example, my standing with State War Academy increased by 0.5 to 0.81 which is a blaster shot away from access to the Academy’s level 2 agents. Caldari, Amarr and their subsidiaries had predictably made positive albeit small changes to my standings. Was surprised to see Joves getting friendly with me; I thought they would disapprove of nosy explorers. And totally unexpectedly, my biggest fan after the Academy was, guess who, Mordu’s Legion! The only explanation I could think of was that Muryia Mordu was still a big supporter of Caldari military cadre, being a former Caldari officer himself.

The cheers were counterbalanced by heckles. Gallente-Minmatar block informed me of their mild disapproval of my association with the Caldari State’s military school. Sansha’s Nation obviously objected to free-thinking individuals. But the biggest decrease of standings, -0.21, was made by Blood Raiders Covenant. Was it something I said when I visited their station?

After finishing the exploration course I intended to continue my education with other career agents but I took a brief pause to plan my skills queue. So far my learning focused on Magic 14 skills all of which I had already trained to level IV. Further study of those skills, decided I, had to be needs-based and focused, as training a single skill to level V could take up to two weeks. At the same time, what I learned during the course made me really excited about Exploration. At my request, Rulie Isoryn sent me a list of skills needed by explorers and I bought missing skillbooks. Boy, some of them like Cloaking and Covert Ops were bloody expensive – my Dad would be proud (or horrified) if he knew how much I invested in my education. Here is what I had to study:

  • Archaeology
  • Astrometric Acquisition
  • Astrometric Pinpointing
  • Astrometric Rangefinding
  • Astrometrics
  • Hacking
  • Survey
  • Covert Ops
  • Cloaking

The adjusted curriculum prioritised Exploration-related skills, training which to at least level IV would take whopping 157 days. You can say it was just five months but I was super-keen to start doing Exploration in earnest. At that time I recalled that my induction kit had some information on mental traits which affected the speed of learning. It appears that Exploration skills were based mostly on two attributes – Intelligence and Memory. I had rather average ratings in both categories but the good news was that a capsuleer’s brain could be remapped so that important attributes gained prominence at the expense of less significant ones. Without much thinking (average intelligence, remember?) I ordered a neural remapping procedure which was carried out at the same station.

Neural Remapping for Exploration
Neural Remapping for Exploration

My improved intelligence and memory brought to my attention one fact that I previously overlooked – such neural remaps were possible only once a year. So if after finishing courses with other agents I decided that my ideal career would be mining, I would have hard time studying a pick-axe. On the bright side, the duration of my exploration study reduced by almost twenty days.

Now that my skills queue was in order, I was ready for the next course.

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