Exploration Bustard

The Forge Region – Okkelen Constellation
Ishisomo System

10 September YC 121

Okkelen Constellation
Okkelen Constellation, © Wollari

Finally, my fitting skills allowed me to mount and activate all modules required to explore a Standard Sleeper Cache. Feeling enthusiastic, I set out to explore another constellation in The Forge, Okkelen. The start was unremarkable; the first five systems I visited – Ishisomo, Airmia, Sakkikainen, Vahunomi and Friggi – each had one or two signatures which turned out to be either a wormhole, a pirate base or a gas site. As I was not equipped to visit any such sites, my frustration was growing with each scan. It reached the boiling point in Otitoh – the system contained 8 signatures and each bloody one was a pirate base.

Disgusted with the scale of pirate infestation, I muttered, “I wish I had my Cormorant with me. I would clean out that scum.”

“Hehe,” chuckled Aura. “It doesn’t fit into the cargo hold, does it?”

That made me think, “Are there industrial ships which can carry a Cormorant?” Continue reading “Exploration Bustard”

Rubble and Debris

Guristas Debris
The Forge – Aulari Constellation
Osmon System

2 September YC 121

Half a month later I was still unable to fit my Heron for Standard Sleeper Cache exploration. Apparently, I had miscalculated the reduction of powergrid usage expected from improved engineering skills – it was still 1.6 MW over the limit. Replacing the afterburner with a less power-hungry model decreased the energy consumption only by 1 MW. From that point I had a few choices. Continue reading “Rubble and Debris”

Cure for Stubbed Toe, Capsuleers’ Way

The Forge Region – Onirvura Constellation
Poinen System

16 August YC 121

I came to in the same glass-covered sarcophagus where I was given an injection. I looked at my arm where the needle penetrated the skin – there was no mark. At that moment the cover raised and a voice coming from the built-in speakers instructed me to get up and move to the exit. I lifted my head and looked around. Although the clone pod looked the same, it was in a different room. It meant that I had successfully performed my first clone jump! At the same time it occurred to me that declaring it a success might have been premature. I took stock of my memories and confirmed that I remembered my name, date of birth and all significant life milestones. Then I wiggled my toes and fingers, moved my arms and legs, turned my head left and right – everything appeared to be operational. I took hold of the sarcophagus walls and slowly lifted myself out of the pod. The overall feeling was as if I had had a very good rest; my mind was clear, the muscles were supple and there was just a hint of hunger.

Enjoying the levity in my new body I followed the glowing signs which marked the path to the exit. When I reached the door I discovered that I had to wait in a queue which consisted of a group of naked agitated capsuleers. I joined the line and asked the nearest guy what was going on. Continue reading “Cure for Stubbed Toe, Capsuleers’ Way”