A Touring 911 Operator

Region G-R00031 – Constellation G-C00324
Thera System – The Sanctuary Institute of Paleocybernetics Station

12 October YC 123

After finishing the Stubborn Dwarf doctrine test, I decided that I needed a change. So far, I had done ESR cache tending and Thera scanning, both of them solitary activities which required little interaction with other pilots. Maintaining caches in space was an important job but it was useless without Signal Cartel’s 911 operators who directed stranded pilots to those caches. I decided that that should be my next occupation in the corp.

Since this activity involved human interaction, it was not surprising that aspiring 911 operators were required to undergo a specialised training. I requested it from the Signal Cartel Academy and was pleased to learn that the training would be facilitated by Xalyar. Xalyar was an experienced rescue operator, ESR Assistant Manager, and an all-round nice person. She was so popular that even veteran corp members joined her lectures. I was looking forward to educational and fun pastime and I was not disappointed. There were instructions, but there were also stories, jokes and general banter. By the end of the course, I felt energised and eager to start my first 911 shift, when suddenly Xalyar’s tone and facial expression changed from jovial to dead serious. Continue reading “A Touring 911 Operator”